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How TheHealthSource was born

Welcome to www.thehealthsource.co.uk and let me start by thanking you for visiting our site.

TheHealthSource was born during the Covid 19 pandemic in October 2020, but the seed of the idea was planted in my mind around a year earlier.

It began when a close family member developed a serious back issue. The pain was extreme and the available prescription medication could not provide adequate relief. While researching alternatives, we began to see more and more about CBD. We are not medical professionals in any sense and we had our doubts but, after much deliberation, we decided to try it.

Much to our relief, while it didn’t wipe out the pain completely, it did provide enough relief to allow her to get back to some kind of normality. I soon discovered that several acquaintances had also been helped by CBD for numerous different issues, which set me thinking.

Once the seed was planted, I began to expand on the idea. Rather than just wait to relieve issues, why not help people get the vitamins and minerals their body needs to help them stay healthy and hopefully even prevent issues occurring at all.

So TheHealthSource was born and here we are, with CBD, vitamins and supplements, and much more for all-around health and fitness benefits.

Thank you to all of our customers for your support and custom so far.

Mat @ TheHealthSource

Mat – Founder of TheHealthSource
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