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  • DLux+ Vitamin D+K2 | BetterYou | Oral Spray 12 ml.


    Have difficulty swallowing pills? The BetterYou DLux+ Vitamin D+K2 Oral Spray is a perfect choice, with an optimum strength supplement delivering 3000IU of vitamin D3 alongside 75μg vitamin K2 to support a healthy immune system, healthy bones and blood clotting.

    12ml – 1 month supply

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  • Low Dose Vitamin K2 (MK-7) | Life Extension | 45mcg – 90 softgels


    Vitamin K in Low-Dose Vitamin K2:

    Vitamin K in Low-Dose Vitamin K2 can help contribute to counter calcification of the arteries thereby helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and support building healthy bones.

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  • Super Vitamin E | Life Extension | 400 IU – 90 softgels


    Super Vitamin E 400 IU | 90 softgelsis a supplement/vitamin for you if you are interested in Heart Health, Vitamin E, Vitamins and minerals, Vitamins

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  • Vitamin B-100 Sustained Release | Now Foods | 100 tabs


    B-Complex for Maximum Effectiveness.
    Supports Energy Production.

    B-100 Caps provide a full complement of B-Vitamins plus Choline and Inositol. These vitamins work to support energy production, maintain healthy homocysteine metabolism, and promote the health of the nervous system. B-Vitamins are water soluble, and with the exception of B-12, have limited storage in the body and thus require daily replenishment. While B-12 is stored in the liver, dietary sources are of animal origin only (meat and dairy) and supplementation with B-12 may be especially important for vegetarians.

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