32% Whey-Wafer | Weider | Hazelnut 24 bars


Fortified with a complete multivitamin complex the Weider  32% Whey Wafer bar is a great choice to eat after an intense, hard training session or simply as a snack. This delicious bar has been developed with 32% of protein and has been coated with crunchy waffle and chocolate.

24 bars per box

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Weider 32% Whey-Wafer contains high-quality whey protein for a fast supply of protein. The calorie content of 180 kcal per bar makes it one of the most effective bars for replenishing nutrients after workout.

Tasty, crunchy wafer bar that provides the body with protein it requires for gaining muscle and provides energy in the form of carbohydrates.

This wafer bar is ideal for people who want to gain on mass and muscles and has a great, light taste. The 32% whey-wafer combines crunchy wafers with high-quality protein and tenderly melting chocolate. At the same time, it provides the body with high-quality nutrients.

32% Whey-Wafer, Chocolate - 24 bars

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