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Creatine pH-X  by BioTechUSA – To increase your performance in a successive burst of short-term, high-intensity exercises discover the power of creatine!


Creatine pH-X is the ideal product for athletes looking to effectively increase strength and power. 100% Absorption. No Loading Period. No Water Retention. Creatine pH-X has been developed using pH modified creatine molecules in order to make it more resistant to the acidic environment in your stomach. It can pass through the digestive system more or less untouched and then release its full potency directly in the muscle tissue. Nearly 100% of Creatine pH-X is absorbed in your body with no loading period. There are no side effects such as water retention: this can be common with other creatine products. Unbelievable Strength and Power More strength, more pumped, more volumization and faster gains! Compatible with the Body Body The active ingredient used in Creatine pH-X is a creatine compound found in the muscle tissue. This means that it is completly compatible with your body. There are no side effects and no unhealthy ingredients – just pure strength and power.

Take 4-6 capsules of Creatine pH-X daily. In the morning take two capsules on an empty stomach.Take two capsules 30 minutes before you workout and take the other 2 capsules 20 minutes after your workout.


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