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  • 183g Instant Dissolve Powder
  • Promotes reduction of lines & wrinkles
  • Supports cell turnover
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PlatinumMatrix Collection
Gluten Free
America’s #1 Collagen Brand
Promotes Reduction of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Increases Hydration by 21%
Supports Cell Turnover & Elasticity
Clinically Tested Bioactive NeoCell Collagen + Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid
Quick Dissolve Powder
Dietary Supplement
GMP Certified
Derma Matrix provides technologically advanced ingredients designed to internally nourish the skin. This formula uses BioActive NeoCell Collagen, which is created through a proprietary micronization process so that it dissolves instantly in water, juice, or a delicious smoothie! Like all NeoCell products, Derma Matrix is standardized to be both bioavailable and bioactive for maximum absorption and efficacy.

Clinically Tested Bioactive NeoCell Collagen

92% of people had increased skin hydration.

65% of people experienced firmer & softer skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Supports skin hydration & cell turnover
Helps maintain suppleness
Vitamin C & Amla Fruit Extract

Aids in healthy collagen formation
Protects against cell-damaging free radicals

Derma Matrix - Collagen Skin Complex - 183g

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