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1UP Nutrition Pure Rebuild assists in muscle building and protein synthesis. It supports lean mass gains, recovery and immune system function. It also helps the body to effectively process and remove fat.

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Pure Rebuild promotes lean muscle mass, improves strength and workout performance. Promotes muscle building and protein synthesis, cellular hydration. Regulates electrolytes and body fluid levels.

Intake mode

It is recommended to take 1 scoop with 10 oz of water right after training. Recommended 1-2 servings per day.


Per 20 g:
Chloride (165 mg), Potassium (47 mg), Sodium (30 mg), Magnesium (28 mg), Vegan L-glutamine (5000 mg), Creatine monohydrate (3200 mg), Creatine hydrochloride (2000 mg), Creatine citrate (1000 mg), Betaine anhydrous (2500 mg), EAA complex (3500 mg): (L-lysine (1000 mg), L-threonine (750 mg), L-methionine (750 mg), L-phenyalanine (500 mg), L-histidine (250 mg), L-tryptophan (250 mg)), Electrolyte complex (500 mg): (Potassium chloride (200 mg), Magnesium citrate (200 mg), Sodium chloride (100 mg)).
Other ingredients: Citric acid, Natural and artificial flavor, Sucralose, Silicon dioxide, Annatto (for natural color).

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