Slim Sauce | Slim Foods | 425ml


Slim Sauces have been designed to offer all of your favourite condiments , with 0 calories and 0 guilt.

Our sauces are all almost Zero Sugar, Zero Fat and Zero Calories, meaning you get an incredible taste experience whilst cutting out all those unhelpful calories from your diet!

Slim Foods Sauces and Syrups are sugar-free, fat-free and super low calorie, giving that mouth-watering taste boost to your meals and snacks! Whether it be a sweet-tasting syrup or a classic dipping sauce, they are guilt-free, packed with flavour and sure to make your meal prep taste fantastic without the unwanted sugar, fat or calories – what are you waiting for?!


BBQ, Garlic Mayonnaise, Hollandaise Sauce, Ketchup, Piri Piri, Sriracha, Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise


Slim Sauce


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