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  • Immunity Armour | Xplosive Ape |180g


    XplosiveApe Immunity Armour is a unique combination of natural fibre, plant extract ingredients to aid optimal gut health, immunity support and general wellbeing. Our immune system can be dramatically affected by a whole range of circumstances from overtraining, stress, diet, virus and age. Immunity Armour hasn’t been developed to just boost your immune system when …

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  • Pure Micronised Creatine Monohydrate | Xplosive Ape | 300g


    Increase phosphocreatine stores in muscle tissue to allow for short successive bursts of energy, ideal for high intensity training. Xplosive Ape Pure Micronised Creatine Monohydrate is used by healthy athletes to give muscles more energy and improve cell function leading to increase in muscle growth.

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  • Xplosive Ape | EAAs


    XplosiveApe EAA packs a solid formula, packed with impressive doses of Vegan Fermented Essential Amino acids and Non essential as well as a full electrolyte profile.

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  • Xplosive Ape | X Edition Pre-Workout Catalyst


    XplosiveApe X Edition Pre Workout 450g – Orange Mango

    Designed for optimal energy, focus & pump.

    2 scoops for advanced users only.

    Test tolerance with 1 scoop.

    WARNING: Caffeine dose 300mg per 15g

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  • Xplosive Ape No Whey Vegan Protein 600g


    Xplosive Ape Introduces No Whey Vegan Protein.

    A fine blend of Pea Isolate/ Hemp Protein with added;
    – Kombucha Tea Powder
    – Lions Mane
    – Coconut Water Powder
    – MCT Powder

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  • Xplosive Ape Protein 2240g


    Xplosive Ape Protein is designed to help you support your quest to develop quality lean muscle. Our great-tasting, multi-stage release formula can be used at any time of day to help meet your protein needs. Protein powders, along with a healthy, balanced diet, can help your body recover after intensive training sessions and aid in the muscle recovery process, helping you gain muscle mass and strength

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