Xplosive Ape | EAAs


XplosiveApe EAA packs a solid formula, packed with impressive doses of Vegan Fermented Essential Amino acids and Non essential as well as a full electrolyte profile.


Probably the best tasting EAAs around…

They don’t like to brag so try for yourself, they’re super popular for a reason.

Keep yourself fuelled and hydrated throughout your workout with a panel like no other. Every ingredient serves a purpose without ripping off you, our loyal customer.

Xplosive Ape Essential Amino Acids consisting of 7.4g Essential Amino Acids and 7g Non Essential Amino Acids.

Full Electrolyte profile

0g Sugar

Available in 5 delicious flavours;

Strawberry & Banana
Fruit Burst
Yummy Gummy Bear
Rainbow Dust


Fruit Burst, Pineapple, Rainbow Dust, Strawberry & Banana, Yummy Gummy Bear


Xplosive Ape


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